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A little about us: We relocated in Orlando, Florida, USA from Central Wisconsin, USA. We have done some geneology on family roots and have some hardcopy including pictures and family bible. Main patriachs relocated in Wisconsin from Pozin (Poland) Germany, passing through Ellis Island in New York harbor back in the late 1800's. We will be scanning (digitizing) some of these in the future and posting these for all to see.
Please feel free to contact us via email and we will attempt to follow up on documenting where you are in the family. Include any attachment documentation like birth certificates and generational pictures. Thanks
If you are trying to CONTACT DRAKKAN from WOW, you can via email at DRAKKAN and I will attempt to follow up as soon as I can. Indeed!


Welcome... to our family's website!
Our goal is to help all of our family by providing them with background and survival knowledge, so you have an idea how you can take care of yourselves and therein help our family through our efforts. It is to this end that we try in these pages to make sure we provide HELP links to questions and only the best of the most useful sites on the web. We have attempted to save you the trouble of locating the most reliable and the generally FR*E information when you peruse our sites: (Hedtke™.net, Stormynites™.net, Ufoundit™.biz) We hope you enjoy and find useful what we have accumulated for your use. We hope your surfing experience is rewarding at our sites and you will appreciate our emphasis on training and education of family in today's technologies. We believe in personal growth through a taoist balance of self defense tools and mental development.
RoseAnn, Abe and Mark

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  1. My name is Mark Hedtke, I am the son of Arnold E. Hedtke and Joanne M. Kuberth, born 8/29/1950, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  2. My Wife,my Sunny, is RoseAnn Manes, daughter of Bood Manes and Lorene Manes, born 12/15/1935, in Oklahoma.
  3. We have 5 children that we have raised.
  4. Our oldest son is Eric Poulsen, born on 1/21/1960 in Anchorage, Alaska,

    Eric was born to my wife's 1st husband. He grew up in Alaska graduated from East Anchorage High School and moved with us to Hawaii in 1978, where he met his companion to be Genivieve Blurton. He is now living in Orlando, Florida having had a successful furniture medic franchise, now moving on to other ventures with his companion and their two children both born in Hawaii,
    Devin, born 11/21/93

    and Cassidy, born 7/15/1996.

  5. Our oldest daughter is Rebecca Poulsen, born on 2/9/1961,

    also born of the same Father, in Anchorage, Alaska as well. She graduated from Kailua High School while living with us in Hawaii in 1979. She moved to Chicago for a while in 1980 where she married and had a daughter Meagan 2/9/1981 before serving our country in the Army. We were fortunate to take care of her daughter for almost a year. We are so grateful for her and is so precious to us. She lived for a while in Orlando, helped raise her ex's children, now also living in Florida once again working with her younger sister Inga, after working in the Bahama's.
  6. Our youngest daughter, Inga Poulsen was born on 3/29/1965.

    She came with us to Hawaii as well and finally graduated from Iola High School in Iola, Wisconsin in 1984. There she married Clint Mueller and moved to Altamonte Springs, Florida. She has been the most ambitious of all so far. Formerly a broker with Charles Schwaab. She now has her own successful pet food and supplies (Pet Pantry) business in Central Florida
  7. Our next oldest child, Abraham was born while we were living in Kailua, Hawaii on 9/28/1979.

    He also was wisked away from paradise while still a baby moving with us to Iola, Wisconsin. We later moved to Shawano, Wisconsin, where our boys spent a large portion of their lives. Abe being home schooled except for kindergarten and first grade, earned a Black Belt in TaeKwonDo and received his Eagle Scout Rank and a Wisconsin GED High School diploma just prior to our moving here to Orlando, Florida, where he has received a number of Associate Degrees in Computer disciplines, he finished his Bachelor degree at UCF, specializing in computer programming worked for the State of FL. in Revenue Dept and Worked for Lockheed Martin for two years before being laid off recently.
  8. Finally, our youngest son, David, was born on 11/23/1986 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

    We have been indeed blessed to be with him. He was home schooled as well by mostly his mother, my wife, in Wisconsin where he became a Black Belt in TKD, progressed in Scouts just to his Arrow of Light and received his Florida GED High School Diploma. He continues to work on his college education part time. He has worked as a contactor for Lockheed Martin in computer support and currently is a network support person at FedEx. He has found the right girl for him and now has a 4 month old beautiful daughter. They live in a nice duplex across town. I believe that it is far more difficult for youth to grow up today with the pressures I fortunately never had to endure. Both Abe and David are the kind of people who are great people to be around. They both are intelligent, honest and good people, who do not have the garbage coming out of their mouths that most young adults do today. We hope that we have had a small part in helping all of our children grow and florish.
  9. In 2004 we experienced 3 hurricane hits here in Orlando, beginning with eye of Charlie, which caused the most damage for us of the three. It took over a year to mostly get our home back to the shape it was in prior to the storms, what with materials and roofer delays, etc. Fortunately noone was injured. While I've been informed a number of my mothers side of the family are returning to the mid-west, we feel the best opportunities are still here. The economy has had a devastating effect throughout the country on many people's lives and the sellout of America has continued. This is my own brief political commentary with respect to major corporations, our governemnt and why we are in this mess. Most corporations are no longer American and a major reason the financial industry is in a mess. Is there a concerted effort to bring America to it's knees, I think yes and it is being orchestrated by foriegn governments in my opinion. Our own government has continued to allow our businesses to move off shore, hire H1B employees for work here and in the process create an even greater unemployment situation across the nation, instead of supporting re-education of American citizens to fill these jobs first. With unemployment obviously higher than the reported over 10%, our nation has a serious problem. Large corporations are refusing to support government programs to help and are pursuing the ways to do business that has gotten us into this. It amazes me to think that our government is so blind to seeing that the attempt to legalize illegal immigrants and continue to allow the influx of ever greater foreigners into our country only adds to the unemployment problem for everyone. We as Americans can only help others when we have the means to do so and we can't do it without having jobs ourselves. We need to hire and educate Americans first to help the rest of the world. With respect to implementing alternative energy, we have to stop being held as "Energy Prisoners", a term I've coined these past few years. We need to stop the utilities from continuing to ignore the alternative energy our country has in abundance, solar, wind and yes water. Enough soap boxing, as for my self, I have attempted to help my Father by providing a standing offer to have an alternative place to live, rather than live in the cold of Wisconsin alone, now that my Mother unexpectedly died in February of 2009. My Father has become bitter to everyone and now seems to trust noone, especially family. Although I had lived in Wisconsin almost 20 years before moving to Florida back in 1998, my home now is here. I will not make the mistake my Father made, especially considering that the current financial situation makes it impossible to sell my home, quit my job and expect to live there without means, makes no sense at all! I am smart enough to not make the same choices that my Dad has made by literally keeping himself prisoner in his home in Big Falls. My Father has chosen to according to his words seek help from his neighbors by paying them for their help at over $300/wk as well as giving them things over these past two years. In my opinion even under the best conditions I believe that they are taking advantage of him. Although he has told me that he doesn't trust his family and refuses to help make better choices for himself and states he will disinherit me if I interfere, I recently was able to contact his banker to please watch out for his interests and to get some senior county services involved to prevent more of his neighbor involvement once I learned that they somehow had managed to get their name on his bank account, a key to his safe deposit box and all but threaten him that they would withhold help if he didn't do as they say. My offer for him to come here has been a standing one, however he has decided to tell me to stop calling him, so hopefully someday he will want company and be around people who care. So, that brings us to the end of the current status of our family, we hope to share more as life goes on!
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