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Just Over Broke
Never Again!

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Mark A. Hedtke (Stormy to most) ____________________________________________________________________ Born 8/29/1950 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, many acquaintances from a dozen schools by the time my real life began after my government education ended. Location: East High , Anchorage Alaska (Last seen 1968) NOTE TO Friends & Family: Hope this note finds you well and rich in memories and happiness. No pics or yearbook around.. no problem..

Moved to AK. from VA. part way through Jr Year, lived in South Mt. View, DAD was in Air Force. Mother always worked. They didn't take enough time for themselves. Really have great folks... helped me the way they felt was best, I was luckier than most.

In High School was involved in AOP, debate club, a little football, basketball, (Elmendorf) and track for East. Small 440 and 880 track controversy that hit the papers>> Loved running, regret not working harder at this gift. You shouldn't waste gifts, they're precious and next time around I choose to be wiser. Did Elmendorf teen club hangout and Senior Lounge thing, in High School, luckily with a direct request line to East's Radio broadcast. Still remember going to the Coke Show across from Sears at the Bun DriveInn! Even found time after dances to go to the A&W DriveInn and feed the lions occasionally. Great teenage years! Brought interest in Gymnastics to East, it caught on with the girls, lead to a team. AOP forever. Was in Love at East, Karen left before we really had a chance in my Junior year. Then I met Sue, she went to Vassar, I went to WSU in Badger. Saw her Christmas 1968. She studying Chinese, lost touch. I tried to find her again that summer when I went to Woodstock in upstate NY. Wasted six days, then I had to return to Alaska, when I went to UofA. Still fond memory flashback about her. Did Air Force stint, only government decided my back was liability, too bad they didn't find that out with preservice physical, wasted 9 months, felt angry they didn't care, later civilian no benefits, just another castaway soldier. Did Alaska State jobs, did pipeline $! FINALLY found the Right Lady who could understand me, moved to paradise on Oahu. Inherited step children (Eric, Becky & Inga) and when Abe was born that made 4.
Did various jobs to pay bills didn't worry about career, just needed to provide.
Finally, did injure back, left paradise for the midwest.

Major mistake, wasted 18 years. Made a couple more trips back to the Islands, with son David born in Hawaii now making 5. My children... all of them.. I am proud and love them all.. without exception. They all will do fine in life, I know their abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

I have confidence in them to succeed in life and have the fortitude to perservere. All they need to know is to reach down inside to find the answer, the strength to overcome obstacles and the affirmation I will be there for them always. Although I Have done everything from warehousing to Data Processing management, I never have seemed to have had time to stay in one job long enough to plan on retiring. Maybe something about my attitude of being a jack of all trades, with knowledge and skills to back it up. More than likely a MENSA intimidates supervisors, who knows. Too bad that the MENSA'S of the world can't get together and actually be useful in solving all of mankinds problems. An Institution I established just for that purpose can be found at: The Hedtke Institute Finally, moved down to Mousetown in Florida, still working to pay the bills, always too much month for too little pay, not exactly what I thought I'd be doing but it's a J>O>B> (just over broke).

Don't see any way I'll ever be able to retire,
can't find the RIGHT position or be still in this lifetime, too much knowledge to acquire. I have found that I am richer than anyone I've ever known. Not only do I have a wonderful family who I love and have a wealth of memories with, but the knowledge of so many different occupations that allows me an extremely broad, yet in depth perspective on most issues. I definitely have had a full rich life, will really miss everyone, esp. my Sunny, (Sunny days and Stormy nights) but ready to go when the time comes. So, here are some Words to live by and die for: 1. Do what is RIGHT! No obscenities, don't be posting stuff that's not yours, don't use somebody else's credit card, don't spread/ threaten to spread viruses. 2. Be honest. Don't access accounts, services or computers that aren't yours. Don't lie about yourself or other people. 3. Treat people nice. It applied in the sandbox &and it applies here. Don't be harassing and disrupting other people, or sending out unsolicited emails. You also don't need to take any _RAP from anyone at anytime.

4. Governments are here for the people to direct, not be coerced by. FREEDOM is good for your mind and your body. Don't lose it for any price, even false security! Now the legal stuff, so read close:

If I learn of conduct that in my discretion violates this set of rules to live by, I will remind you with the memory of this document that it will cause you to suspend or terminate your access to the good life, and cause you to turn yourself in to the appropriate authorities or take other legal action. I also reserve the right with this document to hold you accountable for any actions in your life that you believe are racist, sexist, offensive, indecent, sexually explicit or otherwise undesirable. You know that you are solely responsible for your conduct in LIFE, and that you may not hold anyone else liable for any damages of any type that may result from your actions. Also, don't be so sensitive, the old saying is true, Sticks amd stones may break bones, but names will never hurt you! Finally, I reserve the right for you to change how you handle things, right wrongs and these modifications will be effective immediately upon the feeling you know it's just the RIGHT thing to do. Don't lie to the person in the mirror, it is then that you lose your self esteem, and you have to continue to redo this life until you get it RIGHT. It therefor is your responsibility to do something nice for the people you come in contact with if for no other reason except that it's the RIGHT thing to do and you will be having a positive affect upon the future of mankind just through this selfless act thus influencing the person you do something nice to, also be influenced to do something nice for someone else too, causing a snowball effect making everyone better each day. It is our responsibility to preserve values and make life better than we found it.(Pay it Forward - Payback is heaven!) Got all that? Cool. Click on that "i agree" button

inside yourself. Happy trails and see ya on the otherside.

Mark A. Hedtke 1612 Red Clover Ct. Orlando, Florida 32825-8815 hedtke@bellsouth.net
efax 801-838-5771

Hope you all have even a small portion of the joy I've known. Ah, memories, love to all. See you soon in the great.. beyond the blue horizon... follow the light.... always Mark, begin line.

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