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So you like games, do you? Then let's not waste your time or ours. Consider this as the cursory Welcome to, blah, blah, blah... The Gamers Adverture Guild (G.A.G.) has be in existence since the first discovery of Pong in the late 60's. All of us are avid gamers. Demographics of members range from young to old, with some members old enough to actually have used the Pong game, the first Atari, Nintendo and Sega consoles. The type of games we have cataloged for you range from card games to the latest online games as well. Our membership only meet loosely online in the games. For the safety of everyone, we do not have registration of members. We do not provide a place for you to chat, share email, phone numbers or addresses. Our members who happen to meet online may not even know that someone else is also a G.A.G. member unless they ask the member code phrase: "Do you play ad nausium?" Of course you don't have to reply. But if you want to let them know you are a member too, reply, "What a GAG!" That's it. Simple to be a member isn't it? This is the ONLY way you will know they are a member. So if you are a true natural gamer, you knew it when you picked up your first game controller or signed on to your first game, you just knew that gaming would be part of your life forever. If you have that feeling, then you too are a member of the G.A.G.

Online Gamer's Adventure Guild
Come inside GAG
, explore our list of games and try them. We don't sell them. That's not why we're players.

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