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What's an Ambassador and What is this Ad all About?
Why should you even take a look at this Metro Orlando
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Now that you are here, We won't waste your time! Take a good look at the opportunity we are offering. If you can see how very lucrative a position with us can be, able to meet the position requirements and we find that you are a good fit in our plans from the information you provide us, we will follow up with a personal interview to answer any questions you may have and sign you on if we have openings yet, as we are very selective.

First our philosphy! We exist for and create the kind of relationships that businesses crave from most contractors. It is our goal that businesses not only will like how we treat them, they will know from our actions that we have a personal interest in their business as well. We are their Ambassador.

How do we do that?, by asking questions, about why they started the business, what training or assistance that they needed to conduct their business, what challenges they have, how can we help them, what other business relationships they have, that are working and which aren't. All of this is done so we can better help their business grow. Essentially we show interest in their business and get to talk to them and find out how we can put more business through their door.

You see, we believe that they want to be shown that someone else cares and can help them solve their marketing challenges and bring them more business. It is how we conduct ourselves in helping them accomplish their goals, that will build their trust in us as well! As you might notice, we tend to like to do things out of the ordinary, piquing peoples interest, perhaps with an unusual ad. We seek out people who can think for a living and can solve puzzles. Some of the people who respond to our position postings can meet these challenges. Can you?

Perhaps you have responded to one of our job listings, maybe you responded to a banner ad for an Ambassador. What does matter is that you arrived here, this is a great opportunity. We want you to not just think out of the box, we want you to challenge yourself to talk to everyone about how you can help them promote their business. Then let's make it happen for them if we are able. By you talking to everyone, you meet new people, make new contacts, develop new friends, get out of your comfort zone, and allow you to learn how to do things that allow you to take chances and get rewarded handsomely for it. To succeed here doesn't require that you have to work hard for very long. We will explain this!

IT DOES TAKE EFFORT! AS you read through this introduction you will find that we want you to enjoy being on this thrill ride with us. You will know that we mean what we say and say what we mean, that we really want you to enjoy helping each of the businesses you serve as their Ambassador.

In our experience over the years, one of the most frustrating costs were advertising and marketing. The gouging we experienced ourselves was a Masters Course in itself. That has shaped our goal for businesses to know that we are working for them first, doing that with reasonable rates and providing even more value to them and better deals than anyone else. Essentially because our products are priced so very reasonably, price isn't even an issue, allowing you to ask for the sale easily. We also want our Ambassadors among the happiest and well compensated. Is sitting in a "phone boiler room" calling people on the phone, reading the same script to everyone who answers, boring you out of your mind? How about trying to sell Time Share or Vacations Sales? Not making enough? Is selling insurance making you rich? Tired of insurance sales promises? Are you ready to quit insurance sales? Are you tired of the competition of trying to get real estate listings as a real estate agent? Is the bottom falling out of the Mortgage market, as a Broker? Do too many of these positions require you to be licensed? Tired of people saying your too old? Would you like to supplement your social securuty? Is retirement got you climbing the walls? Work with us, you are worth more, so prove that all of them are wrong. If you have experience as a sales person you know that annual residuals or the renewals on commission adds up quickly and is very lucrative. At 40% commission on all products, You can do this!

Finally, now that you have probably arrived at the conclusion that the business we represent is in the art of promoting businesses, selling advertising to them, you'd only be partially right! Let me briefly tell you what we really emphasize!

We are in the business of finding, encouraging and developing writers. This is the very essence of our existence, our reason for creating this newspaper and important to keep in mind! We WILL become the areas online source for local news. No matter whether the author submits newsworthy articles, blogs by businessmen, students or everyday citizens reporting on anything, everything, involving Metro Orlando, we will be soliciting this budding talent, to encourage anyone to write, everyone has an opinion, something to say. Seek out these writers. This can become their forum to get published and recognized. This should be considered as one of the most important keys to your own business activity as an Ambassador in our Orlando Florida Metropolitan Area. It's simple, really! The more that article writing , blogging, classified ads, as well as advertising takes place, the more links that our paper acquires 'stickiness' from the world wide net.. You are not just being encouraged, you should be driven to get these writers, experts in a particular subject area to submit articles. Maybe you are a retiree and have a wealth of knowledge you want to publish, or If you know someone who just enjoys writing, wants to become a reporter, has the ambition to become an editor, or participates in one of todays common venues, such as blogs and wants to move up to publish their work, then contact them and let them know of this opportunity. Have them come here and Click on on this Link to Register. Either that or have them go directly to the Local Featured Articles guidelines by Clicking here. We can help them become established as a writer, a reporter, perhaps even as our editor to review others work in those areas they are experts, as well as submit their own observations. Additionally, the businesses of our area, will find that the more they write about their area of expertise, the more traffic their business will get as well. It's FREE advertising for them. In the long run all the businesses will want to join us because we WILL have the bulk of the internet traffic activity and we will be the driving force of the metropolitan area. As our Ambassador, soliciting this kind of activity, you will assure your own success in your business activity with the Metro Orlando Online News.

We are seeking people who know the value of building residuals from recurring sales and people who aren't afraid of working for a straight commission. We are looking for people who are personable, get along with most anyone, salespeople who can see how they can participate in being a part of that big picture and make a positve impact with helping B2C development here in the Metro ORLANDO Florida Area. What is B2C? It's Business to Customers promotion, it's what we do! Whether you are an aspiring young sales wiz or a experienced retiree with time on your hands, this is an exciting opportunity to become active. If you think it's exciting to get paid for talking to people, helping them reach their goals and promoting your local community, please join us and apply today!

This is a straight commission position as an Ambassador for the Metro Orlando Online News. Commission is based upon products ranging IN price currently from $387 to $797 annually. We also have very lucrative annual banner ad offerings, especially if you retain our business partners with them renewing annually, ranging in price from $240 to $962.40 a year. View this link to our current prices of our products We have products such as our classifieds at $600 a month to $3650 a year. Because of the unlimited potential to build your yearly bonus, we believe that at the end of a three year time frame, an active Ambassador following our guidelines can settle into a maintenance phase of their career. This is where through business retention, ie servicing an existing business base, can be done without selling additional new accounts. We encourage you to continue your activity making sales at least to where your commissions are around $100K, so that you still can comfortably handle the businesses and have plenty of personal time as well.

The next section provides a detailed ad and just a little insight into how we arrived at the compensation structure we've decided upon shown below, feel free to see what we have to offer-then Please go to our online application form, fill it out and we will be in touch, Thanks!


Advertising Sales Representative - Ambassador

Company: Metro Orlando Online News, a Stormynites Company Location: Throughout the Orlando Florida Metropolitan Area Base Pay: Straight Commission Paid at 40% for each gross sale Amount Employee Type: You will be an Independent Consultant, with a W- 9 & 1099MISC Req'd Industry: Advertising - Internet Listing Sales Manages Others: no Job Type Categories: Advertising Sales Customer Service Sales Req'd Education: Some College Req'd Experience: More Than 1 Year Req'd Travel: Local Metro Area - Negligible Relocation Covered: No Contact: Mark Hedtke Phone: We do not accept phone calls to apply for positions NOTE: We will provide in depth contact information once you sign on as an Independent Consultant Email: Fax: Old Fashioned - never use OnLine Application: Your Orlando Florida Online Ambassador application Newspaper Online Site: Orlando Florida Online DESCRIPTION Rapidly expanding Company providing services to ALL businesses throughout the Metropolitan area has full to part time day positions available throughout the Metro Area in outside commission sales as an independent contractor. These positions will be contacting ALL businesses to provide B2C support and advertising. You will be helping businesses register as an author to write articles about their businesses. Our medium will also provide authors exposure and an outlet to publish their work. While calling upon businesses, we encourage Ambassadors to talk with owners to learn how to better promote our clientele. Perfect for Retirees with time on their hands who want to stay active, Homemakers who want to pick up some extra cash, College Students looking for P.T. flex hours or individuals looking for permanent full or part time work.

REQUIREMENTS This position requires applicant to have preferably 1 year of College or 1 year of experience in Advertising, Marketing or Sales. Previous advertising sales experience, computer skills, excellent inter-personal communications and customer service skills a must. You Must have a computer and internet access. You must have your own transportation, phone and email. Also must be 21 years of age as in the course of a business day, our Ambassadors do handle financial negotiable documents. Our Ambassadors also will be required to establish a personal PayPal account to facilitate commission payments.

COMPENSATION You will receive a 40% commission on every initial sale and 40% on every anniversary date thereafter for the renewal of that sale as long as you keep the business on the books and you remain an active ambassador with us. With the variety of products we offer, and that we have eliminated one of the biggest hurdles to a sale (Cost), you should be able to easily help businesses find advertising solutions in all price ranges. The exciting thing is, that it is common to make enough sales in an afternoon to make $400. If you only make 5 sales in a week, you should average around $2000, and even if you continue to make only 5 a week for only 50 of the 52 weeks, you would make a hundred thousand a year. If you were to apply yourself you should be able to do ten in a week. Now remember, the key is that you don't have to work hard, just steady. Initially, this amount doesn't sound like much compared to other positions where you need to pass state tests and get a license, however you need to look down the road at the end of your third year with us and beyond. That's where the real income can be. Lets say, you only keep half of all the clients you have been selling through your third year, or around 125 each from the first three years, with these residuals still at 40% each year, you can easily figure this out. Roughly, let's say these annual renewals averaged $400 each to you, just from residuals, your income should be around a hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year without having to sell anyone new. This amount should be considered in no way a guarantee as your compensation will depend upon your performance only. So you can essentially write your own ticket.

According to our research and practical expectations following our B2C policy, the compensation with us for: Advertising Sales Representatives exceeds every other average COMPENSATION for similiar positions in Orlando, Tampa, & Jacksonville, FL With All Reported Salaries Based in U.S. Dollars According to our most recent findings of people with TWO years of experience in advertising, their first year compensations with local companies were as follows: Total SALARY Range for Similar Profiles Average = $47,014 With Company Number reporting: 18 COMMISSION Range for Similar Profiles Average = $45,118 With Company Number reporting: 17 BONUS Range for Similar Profiles Average = $12,558 With Company Number reporting: 10 Total CASH Range for Similar Profiles Average = $63,950 With Company Number reporting: 18 A Competitive Compensation Summary Rate of Commision % # Reporting Average % 25% 50% 75% Salary 18 $47,014 - $36,188 $42,500 $53,000 - Commission 17 $45,118 - $38,000 $50,000 $60,000 - Bonus 10 $12,558 - $437.50 $9,000 $14,900 - Total Cash 18 $63,950 - $50,150 $63,000 $80,000 - Ambassadors 1 $76,000 - sell 2/wk sell 4/wk sell 5/wk sell 10/wk Currency: U.S. Dollar (USD) Average Vacation for Similar Profiles Vacation: 2 weeks Number reporting: 9 We've pulled anonymous profiles from Your Peer Group for you to review. See tangible, real-world examples of compensation packages, skill sets, and experience levels of other employees. The following reports are just a sampling of the ones used to determine your market value. Profile No. 1 Current Employer Employer Type:Company Employer Name:This data point withheld for privacy. Employer's Product/Business:news paper Years with Employer:1 Number of Employees:30 Job/Position/Title Advertising Sales Representative Years In Field/Career 2 Average Sale Price 750 of product sold Geographic Sales Territory Metro / Area (multiple major Cities) Travel Requirement Travel Requirement:No Travel or Rarely Travel Method of Travel:No Travel or Rarely Travel Salary 40,000 Salary Type:Standard Full-Time 40+ Hours Per Week Commission on Sales Yearly Sales for Commission:80,000 Commission:18,000 Benefits/Perks Paid Holidays / Vacation, Paid Sick Leave, Cell Phone, Casual Dress/Atmosphere, Flex-Time / Flexible Schedule, Telecommute/Work from Home Health Insurance Dental, Vision, Medical / Health Job Location City:This data point withheld for privacy. State or Province:Florida Country:United States School/Degree School Name:This data point withheld for privacy. Degree/Major Subject:Theatre Reasons we chose this profile same or similar job, same experience level, same employer size range, same or nearby state BOTTOM LINE: $58,000/yr Profile No. 2 Current Employer Employer Type:Self-Employed Employer's Product/Business:Newspaper Publisher Years with Employer:1 Number of Employees:1 Job/Position/Title Advertising Sales Representative Years In Field/Career 15 Average Sale Price 5976 Geographic Sales Territory City / Area (one City) Travel Requirement Travel Requirement:No Travel or Rarely Travel Method of Travel:Automobile / Car Average Monthly Income 0.00 Bonus 0.00 Profit/Equity Share Annual Profit Share:0.00 Commission on Sales Yearly Sales for Commission:298,800 Commission:66,000 Health Insurance None Job Location City:This data point withheld for privacy. State or Province:Florida Country:United States School/Degree School Name:This data point withheld for privacy. Degree/Major Subject:Real Estate License Reasons we chose this profile same or similar job, same employer size range, same or nearby state, same company type, similar territory BOTTOM LINE: $66,000/yr Profile No. 3 Current Employer Employer Type:Company Employer Name:This data point withheld for privacy. Employer's Product/Business:Advertising, Branding, Sales Promotions Years with Employer:1 Number of Employees:10000 Job/Position/Title Advertising Sales Representative Years In Field/Career 1 Average Sale Price 960 Geographic Sales Territory City / Area (one City) Travel Requirement Travel Requirement:No Travel or Rarely Travel Method of Travel:No Travel or Rarely Travel Salary 24,000 Salary Type:Standard Full-Time 40+ Hours Per Week Bonus 2,000 Profit/Equity Share Annual Profit Share:1,200 Commission on Sales Yearly Sales for Commission:150,000 Commission:25,000 Benefits/Perks Paid Holidays / Vacation, 401(k), Internet Access (DSL/ISDN/Cable...) Health Insurance Dental, Medical / Health Job Location City:This data point withheld for privacy. State or Province:Florida Country:United States School/Degree School Name:This data point withheld for privacy. Reasons we chose this profile same or similar job, same experience level, same or nearby state, similar territory BOTTOM LINE: $52,200/yr FINAL COMPARISON: Orlando Florida Online compares very favorably especially from the first year, while still meeting minimum guidelines with reasonable retention of clients, compensation potential increases appreciably in subsequent years. You can even work part-time here, within certain guidelines, with very good compensation.

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