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   Our goal is to prepare mankind by providing them with
     survival knowledge, and access to emergency supplies,
     so they can take care of themselves and therein serve
     humanity through our efforts.  It is to this end that
     we try in our site pages to make sure we provide HELP
     links to many common user questions and only the best
     of the most useful sites on the web.  We have attempted
     to save you the trouble of locating the most reliable
     and the generally FR*E information when you peruse our sites:
        (Stormynites™.net, Moon News™, DrivinForce™.us)
     We hope you enjoy and find useful what we have accumulated
     for your use.

*With Stormynites™.net - we make available 4Sale emergency and survival supplies as well as assortment of technical services where we provide web page layout and design, domain name registration, as well as trademark protection. We also offer some items at our Stormynites™ EBAY™ auction site.
*Our search site, is a service for locating what you are looking for through the BEST search services links. Included in this service is the FR*E J.O.B.S.™ links and many access links to the DEEP WEB.
*Moon News™ is our Online Newspaper and CUSTOM sales site for a niche market where you can order custome items that we believe will have you coming back again and again not just to see whats NEW but to purchase too. This is also where you will find really awesome great offers of items from selected affiliate programs that we use ourselves, only from qualified corporations. Mostly we provide in depth access to News sites from all over the world. We link to a variety of sites that we feel will be useful and helpful to everyday citizens. In this way you get the best of our world at Moon News for reliable and timely info.
*DrivinForce™.us delivers not only info about driving and safety, but also where you can get help for your driving rights and report problems while driving. We hope your surfing experience is rewarding at our sites and you will appreciate our emphasis on training and education of people in today's technologies. We believe in personal growth through a taoist balance of self defense tools and mental development. Top 10 reasons why you should BOOKMARK STORMYNITES™ now!
01. We are truly Doing what the Web was intended for, you will be part of an established presence on the net, with MANY other web netisens from all over the world! 02. You will receive timely information on the best reliable sites, products, home-based business, & technical HELP available on the internet today. STORMYNITES™ will only present you with links that have passed our strict selection criteria. 03. You will be provided with the most complete online search services with our Search 4IT™ pages with links to established locating services that will truly help you harness the full power of the internet round-the-clock. 04. Within moments of your clicking-in, you will be able to access the most useful urls for Survival & Emergency Sources from our Stormynites Survival™ pages that you can direct others to & help others access all the links set up to the survival information for all the equipment and advice you will ever need. 05. You will have full access to a link that will show you the most links to the Wild World of Sports and effective education & training methods and locating anything anywhere and even find a J.O.B.™ 06. You will be able to locate some of the best Self Defense offerings available to every single person that visits our pages as well. 07. Every person who fills out a site review request routed to Stormynites™ Webtechs for a FR*E homepage evaluation will become eligible for our Outrageous Kool Site ItsKool™ Award! You can then place our ItsKool™ award linking to STORMYNITES™ as our reward to you, if you are selected as best of the WEEK! 08. You will have round-the-clock access to the STORMYNITES™ sites by placing this shortcut to this URL. There, you can view the past ranked ItsKool™ submitted sites, who have received the special ItsKool™ recognition award. You can also receive access tips and strategies to a special online games link at the Online Gamers Adventure Guild site: and much more! 09. You may also present your business opportunity suggestions to the STORMYNITES™ Leadership panel. If your particular business opportunity meets STORMYNITES™'s quality criteria, it will be placed on our Best of the Web for making money programs with a link to your site. 10. Best of all, the above benefits are absolutelyFr*e! All we ask of you in return, is that you make it your priority to place an active link on your site to STORMYNITES™.
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                               If you are willing to do that, we  are confident that this will 
                               become a truly formidable force and each participant will 
                               reap the rewards of our collective endeavours!
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