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Other Search Engines**

Some college sites work sporadically. Choose a search engine from the drop down list and then enter your search text in the bottom box.

Area Code Lookup
You enter a state name for a list of all area codes in the state or you can enter an area code to find out which state corresponds to that area code.

This has over 2 million listings of user submitted e-mail addresses.

Belgium Infobel
Has over 4 million business and residential addresses in Belgium.

Canada Net White Pages
This is a database of Canadian e-mail addresses. This will return street address, telephone numbers, and a e-mail address.

College Cedar National Address Server
You enter the address and this will return the address and the zip code.

CCSO Phone Book Server
University WhitePages

College E-Mail Addreses
You can find directories with the e-mail address for colleges and universities. You enter the name of a college.

This is an E-Mail address search program with over 200,000 listings.

Four11 Directory Service
This is a large white pages directory of Internet users. Free registration is needed for further search capabilities.

Geographic Name Server
You enter the name of the city or state you want information on.

Infoplus Internet Directory
This is the directory of InfoPlus registered users.

Internet Address Finder
This is one of the largest white pages internet directory with over 4 million listings.

Knowbot Information Service - KIS
This will search several major Internet directory services to look for a street address, e-mail address and phone number.

Long Distance Area Decoder
This site from Americom can find area codes for cities or find cities for specific area codes and the rates to call.

This is a large directory of names and e-mail addresses.

OKRA - net.citizen Directory Service
Has over 1 million e-mail and address entries.

NTC Tele-Locator: Area Code Search
This is another area code search.

USPS City State/Zip Code Associations
Here you can either enter the city and state to find ZIP Codes or enter a Zip Code to find any location.

This is a white pages directory of people on the Internet. There are over 2 million E-mail listings from over 200,000 organizations.

World Country and Area Code Index
This is an index of area codes from around the world. You enter the city name.

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**22 Different Search Engines**

AT&T 800 Directory
Here you can look up 800 numbers

Belgium Infobel
Has over 4 million business and residential listings.

There are over 11 million listings and even has a map showing you where to find the business.

There are over 16 million businesses.

Canada Internet Directory
Canadian Information

Central Source Yellow Pages
Over 10 million business listings:

Directory Net
This lists commercial websites.

European Directory
This is a resource of European Internet sites.

Fortune's Global 500 List
The world's largest industrial and service corporations. Enter a company name.

Hoover's Online
This is a great site with information on over 8,000 companies.

Industry Net
This is where to go to search for company and related information.

ISP Internet Yellow PagesSearch for businesses from over 5,000 entries.

Linkstar Business Directory
A directory of business to business sites.

Singapore Business Directory
There are over 4,000 entries.

Has listings containing over 10 million businesses.

Taiwan Imports/Exports
Search from over 14,000 firms. Only lists firms with over US$200,000 in sales Must register.

The Insider: Public Companies
This has a listing of public companies on the Internet. For each company it will give you stockticker symbol and info on the company.

Thomas Register
This is the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers which has information on products from over 50,000 categories.

U.S. Export Directory
You can enter a product, service or SIC Code.

World Telecom Directories
This is a directory for several Asian nations.

World Wide Yellow Pages
You can search by category.

WWW Yellow Pages
You can search by category.

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