Welcome to The Certifiable END of the INTERNET
and your Certificate of Achievement at Stormynites™

Congratulations and welcome to the Certifiable End of the Internet

#1 We acknowledge the superhuman effort you have exercised in finally
completing this daunting task. Not enough can be expressed in just how
difficult we know that this has been for you. Sleepless nights dragging
on frequently into dawn, where all of the information has overwhelmed you
to the very brink of not knowing how so much time has passed without
realizing it. The very attempt to begin this task is worthy of this
recognition without you actually having spent so much of your valuable
time to actually get here to the end of the internet. We applaud you
and hope that you print off this recognition of your internet prowess.
Be assured that you are under NO Obligation to continue your search as
you indeed have arrived at the END OF THE INTERNET. REST & ENJOY !!

We are providing this FREE certificate from Stormynites as one of the ways we say Thank You!
It is NOT required to do so, Please feel free to print the certificate
NOTE: First make sure that you have your Printer turned on in order for you
To print your certificate... you can either right click on image, and save it
then at the top left of your page on file, click on it then print preview
then when that screen comes up, click on horizontal orientation and then click print
To only print the certificate choose print page (2) or current selection, then click print
ENjoy your Certificate of Achievement on behalf of the entire internet and Stormynites.net


The End of the Internet Certificate

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 You have reached the End of the Internet !


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