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 One of the great services we @ Stormynites offer is 
a 12 STEP dependency weaning tutorial
Once you have signed up for Hosting
(even Economy hosting is fine)
and have registered your domain name
(any of the TLDs),
you are ready to save yourself a bunch of
$MONEY$ by following these FTP steps:

  1. Acquire a ftp program
    (let us suggest either a FREE limited version
    (you can look for one at ),
    or retail version of WS_FTP Pro
    for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP (X86 Version),
    Version 7.5 Release Notes, Ipswitch, Inc.
  2. If you downloaded WS_FTP Pro from the Internet,
    run the downloaded application, ftpproec.exe.
    Follow the instructions on your screen.
  3. You can use notepad or wordpad to create your initial and
    all subsequent web pages, ie files with a .htm or .html
    extension, saving and collecting them in the same folder
    on your computer so you can find them again
    [Special Attn: We suggest that you get
    product Wordpad. Do Not Use IE Word - it inserts other
    characters and extra html coding into your pages!]
    (don't forget that you will need to save one of these
    notepad or wordpad pages as an index page as the starting
    page, a place for your website to link to your other pages)
  4. Then sign up for hosting
    to Auto renew to keep great price!
  5. Register your domain name
    to that server, so No one can Steal It!
  6. Configure you new domain name, in the configuration panel
    at your domain name host, so that it is directed to where
    your website is hosted.
  7. Configure your ftp program so that you can connect to your
    website host ( your domain name admin area), remember to
    write down your passwords, subdomain names etc, as you
    will need this info for accessing this area again)
  8. connect to the webhost using the ftp program
  9. upload/transfer your precreated webpage files into your webhost
    account (don't forget that you will need to save one of these
    notepad or wordpad pages as an index page as the starting page
    place for your website to link to your other pages)
  10. disconnect and close ftp program after uploads are complete
  11. Any time you need to make any changes to existing pages or create
    new pages you will need to edit and save them on your computer first, placing them into the folder you have already setup for that
    then use the ftp program to upload the changes or new file(s)
    * For one of the best Color Charts click on Color Chart link
    * or The animation factory
    for mostly FREE animated gifs
  12. So, enjoy having full control over your website and weaning yourself
    from prohibitive webpage programming fees. Happy Coding!

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