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Everyday I meet people who are
bullied, cheated or injured.

If you are anything like me, you are sick of it!
I can show you the way to stand up for your rights..
to help you access the legal system economically,
so that YOU can obtain equal justice under the law!
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Individual and Family Plans

Most people it makes sense to protect your home and belongings, so you have home owners or renters insurance, you even have insurance coverage for your car, perhaps even financial planning for your future! If you are like most people, you have health insurance. WHY? Are you sick right now? Not likely, but you do have medical protection to handle unforeseen illnesses or injuries, don't you?

So, Doesn't it make sense to have legal protection NOW to protect and defend you and your family's rights too, when you need it later?! STOP letting others bully, cheat or injure YOU. YOU can have access the legal system economically right NOW, so YOU can obtain equal justice under the law at any time!

Most Americans do not have access to quality legal support, mostly because they think it costs so much. While you may never find yourself in a courtroom, there are many benefits from having access to these quality services right NOW. Even if it's only to ask for information about your legal rights, only a phone call away, the potential savings through membership can be substantial. In short, you should sign up NOW so that when you do need legal help, you will be able to use it immediately, because you already will have it!

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and How You Can Have Your Rights Protected too
just like over 1.4 million people and growing do today!

You can get Legal Help for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day!!




How can you be sure you won't be a ID Theft victim?

Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in America today. You've seen it all over the news, you may also know someone who has had it happen to them. Would you know what to do if it happened to you? You need to take steps to protect yourself, your rights, as well as your credit. This includes, protecting your financial information when you use an ATM, watching where your credit card goes at a restaurant, who has access to your mail, shredding all paperwork before throwing it out, not falling prey to phishing; giving out any information to people you don't know even if they seem legitimate, these are just a few examples of how you need to protect your private information. Although from our experience in our opinion the service known as Identity Theft Shield, you do NOT receive all the notifications that you should, of things like opening new accounts, new credit cards, transferring of funds, to name just a few, that we feel should be included in such a service. Although this company claims that you'll have experienced professionals on your side if Identity Theft incidents occur we can only comment on the fact that the benefits of daily monitoring of your credit report was inadequate, we were only notified a couple times in the three years we had this "service", despite the numerous accounts, credit cards, funds transfers, etc, that we expected to be notified and were NOT.

These people did not meet our expectations if You need to protect your identity and credit!
Remember President Bush signed
The ID Theft Protection Act into law on 7-15-04



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Perhaps you've been thinking
of starting your own business,
even a home based business.
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some competent business advice?
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